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Grilled Game Hens with Asian BBQ Sauce

Heat vegetable oil over MEDIUM-LOW heat and sauté thinly sliced onion and bell pepper. You want to avoid browning the peppers and onions so if they do begin to brown, reduce the heat under the pan a bit. When they are nice and tender, transfer them to a large dish and set aside. Begin by combining the soup, milk, kosher salt, and black pepper, then stir together.

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  • These birds look like mini chickens and are a special hybrid between Cornish chickens and White Plymouth Rock chickens.
  • Garnish with pomegranate seeds and drizzle with honey, if desired.
  • Transfer hens to a cutting board and let rest an additional 5 minutes.

I use regular 12 oz beer cans and they are a tight fit but they do fit. Some beer can be found in tall skinnier cans if you can find them. Either way, I definitely recommend using the beer can holder to help prevent the hens from tipping over during cooking. Cornish hens, , are a small variety of broiler chickens that weigh between 1–2 pounds each. Because of their size, one hen Best Papa’s Restaurant Games – Cooking Games makes the perfect serving for 1 person. Spatchcocking or butterflying is when the backbone of the chicken or hen is removed, and the two halves are flattened to create a ‘butterfly’ shape.

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Coat the Cornish hens with a drizzle of olive oil and then season with a dry rub. Don’t be afraid to open the air fryer at any time to check on the hens. If you have big eaters you can cook one hen for each person, otherwise each hen should be about two servings. Which is great if there are only two of you, you’ll only need to make one 2 lb hen. I use the Cosori 5.8 QT, it’s the basket style air fryer, and it comfortably fits two hens. Cornish Hen should be trussed before roasting to ensure even cooking and supremely succulent, tender meat.

Carefully flip hens and continue cooking about 7-10 minutes or until meat thermometer placed in thickest part of thigh registers 165 degrees. After 25 minutes, carefully turn the hens over and finish cooking until meat thermometer registers 165 degrees in the thickest part of thigh. Stuffing your Air Fryer Cornish Hens is a great way to add flavor and moisture to your already delicious roasted bird. It is also an easy, stress-free way to prep the stuffing ahead of time, so you have one less thing to think about when guests arrive. Yes, of course, the only thing that will change is the amount of time that you need for them.

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I make these game hens in my Cosori 5.8 quart air fryer and my Instant Vortex air fryer. Because they are so small, they should fit in even smaller air fryer baskets. Besides an air fryer, I highly recommend a meat thermometer. This will help ensure your meat is cooked to the proper internal temperature.

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